Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Project Entry Day At The Fair

The kids did a lot of waiting in line.  Sometimes over an hour in just one line. 
Dancer explaining her Exploring Animals poster.
Spark talking about his tornado safety poster.  Between the two of them they won five state fair trips.  Spark is taking a display about the energy his potato cannon uses when fired and his potato cannon.  Dancer is taking a food and nutrition project on superfoods.

The parent waiting area.  Now that the kids are older we just wait with their projects that they haven't judged yet, we use to have to put the tags on them, show them where to go and wait with them in line, now they do it all themselves.
A couple of the guys in our club made a bench for the 4-H building and this is all our members and our two leaders sitting/laying around it. 

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  1. Congrats to your awesome family of awesomeness. :)Ain't it lovely to just be able to sit and wait for them now?