Thursday, September 25, 2014

RIP Vidalia

Dad and I were going for a walk this morning and there was a black thing on the road down by the field access.  I saw the stray black cat down there yesterday and thought, "Oh no, he must have gotten hit on the road."  When we got closer though we saw that it was our dear Vidalia.  Not sure what happened as she is scared of cars.  We figure her to be about 13 so perhaps she gotten confused and panicked when a car came and ran in the wrong direction or maybe she didn't hear it.  I was surprised as well that she even crossed the road because it seemed that she was always either at the deck door or the front door every time I would look or go out.

Vidalia came with our house.  She belonged to the daughter of the people who owned the house before us.  She got the cat when she lived here and when she moved to her own house took her with her.  Vidalia didn't care for the move so back she came to her original house.  When the owner decided to sell they asked if we would mind if they left her because of her moving history.  We even put her on the purchase agreement as a joke.  When the bank came out to do their inspection they came back with, "Everything looks fine except we could find what this Vidalia was."  We laughed at told them it was a cat.  Yes, we had a fun realtor.

She has always been an outside cat, only coming in when it was really, really cold outside.  Over her career as an outside cat she has caught hundreds if not thousands of mice, voles, chipmunks, rats, rabbits and other pesky critters in our yard.  In the last few years she has had trouble hunting and Kacheekers, our other outdoor cat and the only other cat she ever liked, would catch something, kill it half way and put it out for her to hunt and eat.  Although lately she had been having trouble chewing her catches.  He also spent hours grooming her and sleeping by her.  He is quite lost this evening.

We buried her down at the end of the corral by the swamp.  Good by Vidalia, you were a good hunter and we will miss you.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

State Fair

There was lots of llama brushing and hair blowing to get Nora ready to go. 

Loaded up the two llamas were going from our county. 

Dad touched the butt.  This actually got people there excited.  Settle down people, it was one finger print. 

Spark and friends were in a cooking contest.  He also showed a bonsai tree.  As he was carrying it the mile plus back to the car, a lady asked where he got it and he gave it to her.   I wonder if she carried it around all day. 

Dancer and Nora lined up for the costume competition. 

We stayed at a motel with a two story tall mermaid on the roof.  Rather odd for our part of the country.

Dancer doing public relations with Nora.  
Fun, fun time but happy to be home until next year!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day

Nikki soaking up some rays.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Somebody's Knocking

Knock knock
Who's there?

Llama who?

Llama in!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Desdemona VS The Chicken Coop

Short on stall space because our darn goats can't get along and all be together, we tried putting Desdemona in the chicken coop.   It didn't take her long to knock the door off and attempt her escape to eat tasty bushes around the yard.  We saw her when she got this far and foiled her plans.

Dancer got out the drill and thought she reinforced the door.  They say if a fence can't hold water it won't hold a goat, well the saying is true for chicken coops too because she got out a couple more times before we had to find her other housing.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Explorers Exchange

Our county has a 4-H project where kids from another state come to visit us one year and we got there the next year to learn about what their area of the United States is like. The 4-Hers stay with a host family and we cram about as many things into a week as humanly possible.  This year our county hosted a group from Wisconsin.

We started the week with a potluck, softball, volley ball and swimming.  

The next day we visited a sculpture park.  This elephant is made out of over 900 lawn mower blades.  The artist is the man in the light blue shirt.

His sculptures are all over town.  We were able to go back to his shop and see how he makes his sculptures.

Another interesting thing about the artist is that his daughter is an astronaut.  I am nervous when the kids go off in the car, I can't imagine watching them blast off into space.

Our exchange 4-Her.

This was my favorite one.

We brown bagged it in a park.

We climbed up to the top of a peak that was the highest elevation in the area.  It was a cool day, the girls were huddling for warmth.

Visited the rune stone museum and Big Ole.

Next day was stop at the stick houses that are at a local arboretum.

Canoeing and swimming.

A tour of an Abbey.  There was much more to the church than meets the eye.

Had some down time playing cards and

enjoying a bonfire.

A historic theater that my dad went to when he was a kid to watch 10 cent movies.  Now it hosts plays, dance recitals and musical groups.  This day we also went to a huge flower garden, thrift shopping and a concert in the park.

A tour of a pioneer park.

Coyote hat, that would keep Spark warm in the winter doing chores. 

Haunted Hill.  This is a place where you park on the hill, put your car in neutral and your car goes backwards up the hill.  You keep going faster and faster, we had Spark going along side the car and he was running at a pretty good clip before we put the brakes on and let him back in the car. 

The worlds largest twine ball.  This use to just sit in someones front yard but now it is encased in glass and has a museum devoted to twine ball souvenirs.

Some volleyball before lunch.

A candy shop.  This is a taffy caramel wrapper from the 1940's.  The guy said that if they had to keep wrapping all the candy by hand that they would have closed up their shop years ago because it is a time consuming job when they sell a couple thousand pounds a month.

We also visited a dairy farm where they milk with a milker and one where they use robots to milk.  To bring milk from beginning to the end we also toured a milk processing plant.  The plant we went to makes all the cheese that goes on top of Doritos among other things.

The last night the kids watched a movie outside.

And before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taylors Falls and Somewhere In Wisconsin

Helmets Required went to Taylors Falls last year with the purpose to ride the boat on the river.  However, our dreams were dashed when we realized that the government shut down included the water that boats float on.  So back we went to ride the Taylors Falls Queen.

Didn't take a picture of the boat, only the scenes we enjoyed.

Next we were off to find this waterfall that was somewhere in Wisconsin that I can not remember the name of.

Spark standing behind the waterfalls.

Picnic tables?  The mosquitoes were so bad we danced the whole time we were there.

From the bottom of the waterfall to the top of the entry.  

This is just half way back up the stairs, but thankfully there were stairs and not an 85 degree dirt path.