Tuesday, August 6, 2013

PVC Pipe Hairdryer Holder

Dancer made this for a 4-H home environment project, it holds your hair dryer and curling iron neatly on your bathroom counter. 
Materials needed:
PVC pipe - 5" X 5" X 3" reducing "Y"
Spray paint (one or two colors)
Painters tape
Box or plastic tarp to spray paint on
Put tape on the outside rim of the holes so you don't get the inside paint on the outside (If you are only using color you don't need to worry about this step)
Spray the inside of the PVC pipe.  Spray on however many coats you need to get it covered completely.
When the inside is dry, blow up the balloons and put them in the holes so you don't get outside paint on the inside.
Spray the outside until it is completely covered.
WARNING - this project can be dangerous!  Dad and I were out to lunch and the phone rings.  When I answer it Spark's first words instead of hello were, "Don't laugh your butt off but I was pretending to be Mega Man's video game character and I stuck the pipe on my arm and now I can't get it off."  After being relieved that his arm wasn't turning blue or his fingers cold - we were too far away to get home before he could have lost his arm or at least done massive damage from lack of blood flow, and with a volunteer ambulance and fire department, they probably wouldn't be able to get to our house in time either - he and Dancer went outside and poured cooking oil on it until they were able to get it loose.  Getting an arm stuck in a pipe is never one of things I worried about when we leave the kids home alone.  Choking yes, stuck arm no.   


jugglingpaynes said...

Yep. I never worried about things like that either. Reminds me of the time Sierra got her foot stuck in the hilt of her brother's sword. Good times.

Peace and Laughter!

Amy Dingmann said...

The story about Spark STILL makes me laugh. It's those things you don't think you have to worry about that are the things that happen.

So my question is: DID you laugh your butt off? I would have (after I realized his arm still had circulation, of course.) ;)

Unknown said...

Love this idea! How do you keep it from being top heavy and toppling over?

~*~The Family~*~ said...

We haven't had trouble with it toppling over. Maybe it depends on the shape and weight of your hair dryer

Unknown said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea :-)

Unknown said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea :-)

Unknown said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea