Saturday, September 4, 2010

On our way to the fair

Often we find getting somewhere just as amusing as the place we are going.  We usually keep the camera in the front seat when we are on the road because we see so many odd things.  These are just a few we saw on the way to the State Fair.

A whole semi trailer loads with onions.  By the time Dad got the camera ready we were already zooming by him.  Never seen a whole load of onions before, it took us by surprise that they were only sort of covered and just sitting on pallets.  We wondered what would happen if they all fell off the back, would it be like marbles and we would all slide all over the road?

Some people let their dog hang out the window, these people let grandpa hang out the window!

When they saw we took grandpas picture this guy stuck his head out.  The Phantom of the Avenue.

It took us about 2 hours to get to the fair and another 40 minutes to get the car parked once we were in line to get in the fair.  On the way out it took us three minutes to drive the same distance as the 40 minutes.  There has to be a better, faster way to move cars through. 
We did have an awesome parking place though, we were parked on a boulevard and our car was about five cars down from where the edge of the fair started and only about two blocks from the 4-H building.  We took this picture from just inside the fair, in the back ground you can see cows and a barn.  That is right in the mist of St. Paul.  For some reason, it is the St. Paul Campus of the U of M is where they teach agriculture.  I always think it seems to odd to be in that traffic/city craziness and then look over and see a humongous rural looking area.

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