Saturday, October 2, 2010

A favorite of ours

I know this isn't a new game, I just looked and it was rate party game of the year in 1999.  The problem with that is that Spark didn't exist in 1999 and Dancer was a mere three years old so of course we didn't have the game then.  We were still playing Cootie in 1999.  Last year Dancer played it at a book club meeting and fell in love with it so we got it for her for her birthday. 

Our favorite time to play the game is when Grandma Pat comes over.  Every time she comes the kids ask "can we play Apples to Apples," because it is more fun with more people.  Grandma Pat was here this afternoon so the game out of the closet for a couple rounds.  Oh did we laugh!  And laugh.  And laugh!  We do have to explain who a lot of the movie actors are to the kids since we don't watch a lot of mainstream movies, but otherwise I think anyone over the age of about eight will enjoy this game.  We also like to play the crab apple version where you play a card that is opposite of the green card that is played.  We let the person who is judging the round decide before any cards are played if it will be a crab apple round or a regular round.

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