Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ann Was Back In Town!

The end of last summer one of Dancer's good homeschool friends entered a convent.  This was the friend she chatted hours with on Facebook, played Frisbee every Tuesday and volleyball every Friday night.   She left a huge hole in Dancer's life since, once she entered the convent, she couldn't come home for nine months and could only write to two friends once a month.  Dancer was thankful to hear from her about three times during the year and her mother also kept us updated on how she was. 

This last weekend she was home and her family had an open house for friends to come and see her.  So with an excited heart Dancer got to see her for about three hours on Saturday night.  She came home happy and crying all at the same time. 

This next year for Ann she makes vows, gets her habit and has very limited contact, only mail on Christmas, Easter, her birthday, and other occasion.  This last year Dancer wrote her every week so she will have to write longer letters less often this next year.  Ann also won't be able to come home again until August of 2015.  Dancer will have graduated from high school by then it is so far off.   Though they are traveling very different roads in life, I hope they keep up their friendship even if it is by letter and sporadic get togethers.

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