Sunday, June 9, 2013

We Got A Real Regular Show Going On Here

We are going through a lot of cat food.  Last time this happened, oddly almost to the day, we had a raccoon helping himself to the free buffet.  Here is his story.  Assuming one of his friends was visiting this year we set out the live trap.   We were quite surprised in the morning to find this fellow in the trap.  I didn't even know you could catch a bird in a live trap. 
Is that you Mordecai?   Man, was he mad and he wasn't afraid to let us know how mad he was either.  Dad opened the trap door and he flew out and just kept flying until he was out of the yard and out of sight.
We thought it was pretty funny that last year we got a raccoon and this year a blue jay since one of our favorite shows is The Regular Show staring Mordecai a blue jay and Rigby a raccoon.

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