Thursday, January 23, 2014

Personal Tech Support

When Dancer got a new phone for her birthday, somehow it crossed accounts with her iPod and it didn't recognize her password anymore, thus locking her out of her iPod. 
The iPod has been sitting here for two weeks, she could get her music out of her cloud and put it on her phone so it didn't seem like a dire need to get it unlocked but, we have been meaning to find out how to get it open.  
I did try once but, it didn't like the answers to her security questions so I gave up.  My patience on technical devices on a scale of one to ten is about a negative three. I don't think it is too much to ask for them to just work right all of the time, anything less and it makes me want to get out the maul and teach it a lesson.  Because of this negative three rating, I always defer to Spark to set the DVR, hook up the gaming consoles and fix things on the computer and anything else that beeps.
I was looking at it today and thought, I should set Spark to work on that to see if he can get into it, after all, she had the lock on it so he couldn't use it in the first place.  To give him motivation, I threw in five dollars if he was successful.  Half an hour later, he was clutching a five dollar bill and had finagled a Dr. Pepper from his sisters stash for his services.
I sure hope by the time he moves out that they have made all these devices fool proof or I will be back to relying on the US Postal Service and a rotary dial phone.

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