Thursday, July 25, 2013

Duct Tape and Ice Cream

That was the theme of co-op this week and it was a complete hit.  Usually the kids are begging for lunch to be served and this week we had to pull them over to eat they were so into their projects.   Lots and lots of roses were made. 

Dancer made seven roses and has plans for more when she gets more tape.
The boys each made two projects.

Ninja stars - the directions are on the Duct Tape web site along with a ton of other cool projects.

Covered boxes, this one is Dancers with One Direction duct tape!  She was excited about that.
The girls tutus.  Dancer made hers for an example and then with the rush of getting out the door on time it got left at home.  Another girl made hers for her dog.  They had a lot of fun wearing these and prancing around.  Dancer said she is wearing hers next time even if no one else has theirs.
Lunch was completed by celebrating National Sundae Day with homemade ice cream and tons of toppings.  National Sundae Day wasn't on our co-op meeting day but it was close enough for us!  The girls were watching the new One Direction song so I don't know if their smiles were for the ice cream or for the video/song.

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