Saturday, July 13, 2013

Everything But The Bathroom Sink

That is what I have in the bathroom and a sink is sort of a pivotal part of the room. 

How did this happen? 

Our pump has been going off and going off and going off to the point where even Dad was tired of hearing it and he called some guys to come out and check it out.  While they were here they had to turn off the water.  When our water is turned back on we often get a bit of sand that comes out of the lines from it starting up again. 

When no water came out of the bathroom faucet, we just assumed that the screen in it was clogged with a few too many grains of sand.  Dad got out the wrench to take the end off the faucet and it broke, not the wrench, the faucet, and there was still no water coming out. 

While he was fiddling with it, it was clear that we would need a new faucet.  It looks like the old one was original with the house with makes it over 40 years old.  The sink is also that old and the back of it is broken so I said that we should just get a new sink too.  Just a comment, and then I left.

The next time I walk by the bathroom, Dad is putting everything from the counter into a box and there is a big, gaping hole in it where the sink use to be.  I stopped him just short of ripping the counter off the vanity. 

Now, normally I would be all for Dad eagerly making all my home improvement dreams come true but, there were a few snafus standing the way of this one.  First, Dad was about an hour away from laying down for a nap because he works the next three nights.  Second, since our house is 40 plus years old we probably aren't going to waltz into Home Depot and find the right size vanity top on the showroom floor.  Thirdly, don't leave me with out at least a counter for the next who knows how long.  And lastly, a sink without water is still useful, you can at least brush your teeth there with a glass of water in hand.

So, now we have a board over the hole where the sink use to be and we are brushing our teeth in the kitchen.  Where are those bath crasher guys when you need them?

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April said...

I could use the bath crashers...and the kitchen crashers....and those backyard crashers too. LOL