Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Llama Parade

The llamas were in their first parade last Saturday.  They spent the morning getting beautiful with a little shearing to even out their hair cuts and lots of brushing. 
They even got their faces and heads brushed.  Nora loves to be groomed and will stand, or lay down, for as long as someone will brush her.
After all that pampering they get their hair blown out with the air compressor.  They actually enjoy this and it removes most of the dust and small pieces of hay.  It is amazing how much stuff gets stuck in their hair.  After their grooming session they go right into the newly cleaned trailer so they can't roll in the dirt and undo all our hard work.  I never knew this before we had llamas but, they love to roll in the dirt like a chicken taking a dust bath.  It is crazy to see them flopping around.
We are off to the parade.  When the gas gauge in your truck doesn't work it is important to have a few gallons with you when you are not sure how close you are to empty. 
The local library ran a summer reading program with a llama theme, which was what our girls were there to help promote, so they did a meet and greet before and after the parade.  Marceline met lots of new friends.  I was worried how the llamas would do with so many people coming up to them but they did great.
Spark spent some crazy time with a friend.
Dancer was much more refined with her friend that was surprised to see Dancer as an attraction at her town's local festival.  She kept Dancer company the rest of the time we were there, even helping to pick up everything afterwards.  Now that is a nice friend.  I have no pictures of the parade because I was so busy throwing candy that I didn't have time to take any pictures.  The next day Nora got her picture in the local paper. I didn't know the paper was there taking pictures either so it was a pleasant surprise to know that we now have a famous llama.
This is the church across from where we were stationed.  I did have time to notice how surreal it was against the sky.


Amy Dingmann said...

Now don't be lettin' those llamas get an attitude because they are now famous. You're going to have to beef up security on the home front. The paparazzi will be following you all everywhere now! :) Glad the parade went well.

jugglingpaynes said...

I love your llamas! I'm so happy they are getting the recognition they deserve. ;o)

Peace and Laughter!