Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Party II

Our second Halloween party this year, the first one was with our 4-H club.  Dancer and her nerd friend (who is anything but a nerd).

A little church lady served toxic slug.  Her costume was awesome.  It was actually her grandmas dress, she wore a black 1960's going-to-church hat, clip-on painful earrings (how did women ever wear those?), a grandma pin, had a little purse draped on her elbow and, to make the outfit authentic - knee high nylons.

Wrap the mummy relay.  In two teams they had to run down to the other end of the room, grab a roll of toilet paper, their team had to wrap them in it without ripping it, then unwrap them and wrap the toilet paper back on the roll and the then free mummy ran the roll back down.  It is a really boring game.................... 
until there are girl mummy wrappers.

Another game was to untangle a spider web.  For 10 kids we had 10 balls of yarn.  We tied a spider ring to the end of each one and then threw them around the room. 

This proved to be quite challenging especially since we told them they couldn't just bring back a mass of yarn, it had to be rolled back up. 
They also played another spider web game, a eye ball relay race, made monsters and eatable necklaces, got a bag of candy and had a yummy game of Fear Factor - did you know kids don't really like canned octopus? 

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