Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pinterest Busters - Blow Up A Balloon With Pop and Pop Rocks

Here is the hypothesis:  Put a balloon on the top of a pop bottle filled with Pop Rocks and the combination of the Pop Rocks and the carbonation will inflate the balloon. 
The first hurdle was to get the Pop Rocks in the balloon.  Pop Rocks are by nature a bit damp and they didn't want to slide down the funnel into the balloon.  A little coaxing with a chop stick got them in there.
Put the balloon on the top of the bottle without spilling any of the Pop Rocks into the pop until the balloon is securely on the top.
Lift the balloon up so the Pop Rocks drop into the bottle.
Then sit back and watch the action unfold.
It popped up quite quickly, although it didn't technically blow up the balloon to its full potential.  Also, since Spark's nose is growing here, we can not tell a lie, Spark blew the balloon up a few times to make it less stiff before the experiment.  So would we have had as much inflation on a fresh balloon, maybe.  I wouldn't use this technique to blow up balloons for a party but, as a parlor trick, it was entertaining. 
 The next step:  We have all heard that if you eat Pop Rocks and drink pop your stomach will explode.  Without any hesitation, glasses were lifted and they proved this theory wrong.  We waited but, no guts flew anywhere.  Disappointed or relieved? 

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