Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pinterest Busters - Glow Jars

A jar that glows, pretty cool concept.  I have seen these as fairy jars touted as a great party activity or to make a summer night just a little more magical.  But, here is the big Pinterest busting question, does it work?
The supplies were simple, glow sticks, glitter and glass jar.  Cut off the top of the glow stick CAREFULLY.  These have glass in them that will jab into your thumb.  Also sweep right after you do this activity because we found teeny, tiny slivers of glass on the floor.

Tip the glow stick over into the glass jar and cut the other end of the stick off to release the glow juice.  If you don't cut the other end off it acts as a vacuum and doesn't come out.  For a pint size jar use at the least, three sticks.

Add some magic glitter and swirl it around. 
Did it work?  Yes, it sure did.  They didn't last too long but, would make it through a party or if set on a dresser, long enough for a child to fall asleep. 

The next glow jar pin was to paint the insides of jars with glow in the dark paint.  Make little dots all over the jars and when charged in the light they will work over and over.  Did we bust this pin?  Yes, this one was a flop for us.  The colored glow paint was a total bust.  To try and resurrect this project we covered the inside with white glow paint and that worked better but, the results were still disappointing.  So disappointing we didn't even take a picture.  You can see pictures of our attempt here, the Hmmm.....schooling Mom blog who are our Pinterest Busting pals. 

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