Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year from Pinterest

Our New Years Eve was going to be low key, we watched New Year's Eve programing and did a jigsaw puzzle.  Even so, we needed to have a few fun things so I turned to Pinterest.

2015 in pizza.  This was Dad's homemade pizza therefore it was scrumptious.

Chocolate dipped ice cream bowls.  We had never had these before and they are quite good.  Real simple to jazz them up, dip them in melted chocolate (we used almond bark) and sprinkles.

Dancer went to a party, but was home by midnight (maybe we aren't as boring as we think).  The pin showed to have balloons with time on them counting down the entire evening, but since Dancer was only here at midnight we opted to only have one.

And Nikki.  She spent the night begging for pizza and lounging on us while we watched t.v.  A dog's life is the life to have.