Saturday, March 12, 2016

Complete Randomness

Nikki incognito

Dad making crochet humor.  I thought my little elephant needed a mom so I am in the process making her one.

Frog in glass by Spark

Mac and cheese doesn't have food coloring anymore!!!  It is has been about 10 years since has been welcome in our house, but it's in now! Seems like a novelty to us.

When Fluffles isn't sleeping he's trying to figure out how to get some Temptations cat treats.

Out to lunch

Dancer, the queen of selfies.

Yeah, that's a goat/llama water bucket.  They think the buckets are either a bathroom or a footbath.

The thank you gift we made for Spark's speech co-op leaders.

Double decker sleeping spot.

Car washing.

The want ads at the feed mill.

Bert after a bath.

Goat kids and geocaching

We are ahead of schedule this year and already have our 4-H goats for the fair.

It was a couple hour trip to get them so we took the opportunity to find a few geocaches on the way back.  I can not recommend geocaching with goats in the car.

I love the sites we see that we would otherwise just drive right by though if we didn't geocache.

Simply Sweet Giraffe

Made this little cutie from the same book as the elephant, "Animal Amigurumi to crochet" by Annies Crochet.

Homemade vs. Store Bought OREOs

Our homeschool co-op is all boys and they like to eat so we do a lot of cooking when we get together.  The mom's don't complain either ;)

We were talking and realized that you never hear about people making homemade OREOs.  So the boys tried their hand at it.  The recipe they made was from the web site momables.

They cut them out with a shot glass (or a two table spoon sampler as Spark calls it) which was the perfect size.

The verdict?  If you have a hankering for OREOs, then buy the real thing.  The homemade are delicious, but they aren't OREOs, they taste more like the chocolate waffle cookies I made as a kid.

Dancer is moving on

Dancer is graduating this spring from community college with an AA degree in liberal arts.  She has decided to follow in Dad's footsteps and major in nursing.  We went to an orientation day, which seemed strange after she has been attending college for 3 years that we fnally go to an orientation.  We hope this works out for her.  She has one more prerequisted to take, which has to be completed before being able to apply to the major, and the she will hopefully be accepted.  They have about 100 applicants for every 40 that get in. Yikes, that's less than 50%! She will take the prerequist she needs and then if she doesn't get in the major apply to another school. Whatever happens at least she's moving forward.