Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gooey Slime - Antithixotropic Experiment

Spark and Dancer made up some of this concoction.  It is just corn starch and water mixed in a bowl.  Then they added food coloring and it made this cool swirly design.  It didn't stay like this when they kept playing and mixing it, but it was pretty while it lasted.

This substance is antithixotropic, meaning it acts like a liquid in normal conditions, such as sitting in a hand

but when squeezed it becomes firmer and more solid, only to become liquid again when it is released. 

Just pennies to make, this stuff was has been really cheap entertainment, Spark has been playing with it every time he get a spare moment the last few days.  His plastic dinosaurs and Lego people have been dredged through it and had lots of adventures trying to get out of it.  For the rest of us, just letting it run through your fingers can be mesmerizing and relaxing.  In the morning it is usually all dry and powdery like corn starch again and Spark just adds a little water and it is good to go for another day.

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