Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Homeschool class of 2015.  

I liked this photo.  I thought it would be great irony to have their program picture taken "outside" of a school.  It shows that you can graduate without ever stepping a foot in a traditional classroom.  

Dancer before the ceremony.

Twelve leaves on the rose to represent each of the graduates.  They had a dinosaur that held a rose and he would invite them to all the meetings.  This rose symbolizes they are all part of one.  Took a while to explain that to the lady that made the cake, she was going for aesthetics, but once we explained she did a great job with it.  I was in charge of ordering the cake so it is food coloring free, except for the rose, so that Dancer could have a piece. 

Each graduate set up a table to show a bit about who they are.  Dancer choose, of course, her tap shoes, 4-H ribbons and name tags, games we like to play, a Dr. Who mug, crochet dragons, Phantom of the Opera book, some pictures, and her beloved gel highlighters, which without she probably couldn't study and would have been a D- student (not really!)

The ceremony had a commencement speaker, a slide show of each of the graduates of pictures of them through the years, 

the parents presented their diploma,

and then they walked off as adults ready to enter the world!  Now Dancer is trying to get use to saying, "I was homeschooled" compared to "I'm homeschooled."

When we gave them their diploma, they gave us a rose.  Love the color of the one Dancer chose for us.

After the ceremony we went to Pizza Ranch to celebrate, seems we do a lot of celebrating there.  This was the sky, it rained most of the day, buy by this time the sun was starting to peek out.  Hope this is a symbol of how their future will be, sunshine after storms.

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