Thursday, May 15, 2014

LLama Clinic

We were fortunate that the 4-H state wide llama clinic was not to terribly far from our home.  We loaded up the girls and joined about 60 other llamas for the day.

There were llama relays.  Some llamas cooperated and some not so much.  Marceline, thankfully, was one who would.  Good girl Marceline!!

The kids made these super cute little llamas.  They are out of Popsicle sticks that were done ahead of time so the glue would be dry and they would be nice and sturdy.  The kids colored the legs and added faces.  They wrapped yarn around the neck and barrel of the llama and then used a crochet hook to secure the fiber.  

Add a couple eyes and a little blanket.  I would like to make some of these out of the fiber from our own girls.  A warning though, these need to be kept where the cats can't get at them or they don't look cute like this for long.

The fiber carding station.  I wold love one of these carders but the price is way too much for just a hobbyist. 

After the fiber is run through the carder three times it looks like this.  Made me think of the Duck Dynasty beards.

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