Saturday, February 25, 2012

She Is A Lot Like Grandma Shirley

There are things my mother did that when I got older I swore I would never do.  One of her pet peeves was when I would wash dishes and leave the water on to rinse the whole time.  My mom would insist that I turn the water on and off between each and every dish.  I thought that was a dumb, time consuming thing to do and now when I do dishes I leave it running the whole time.  Does that still make me a strong willed child? 

Dancer and I were doing the dishes today, I was washing and she was drying, and I told her about Grandma Shirley's crazy rule about turning the water on and off.  She surprised me by say quite passionately, "Yes, that is the way you should wash dishes.  It drives me nuts when you leave it on the whole time and you and Dad and Spark all do it!"  Since I now have my own sink, in my own house, and leave it run the whole time, she has never seen dishes washed the other way.  Makes me think it must be something that skips to every other generation.  I know Dancer didn't learn that from my mom because she has had severe dementia since Dancer was about a year old and, while she knows Grandma Shirley, she doesn't know the real Grandma Shirley.  If Dancer has a daughter, or a son for that matter, I just might teach her to leave the water on all the time.  Oh wait, it will skip that generation.

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