Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Dancer and I took a couple of days and made a whole slew of slipper socks. 
We sewed them much like an assembly line.  First, we cut them all out and then sewed one seam on all of them before moving on to the next seam.  One of us would pin and one would sew and then we would switch.  We got a lot of chatting in too! 
We made 12 pairs for babies, which is great way to use up otherwise unusable pieces of fleece because of their tiny size.  By trying to use every scrap I had, many of them got fun little soles on them like the pair in the front.  I am not sure why I kept all those little pieces but I guess it was for just this project.  We also made 12 pair for kiddos with preschool sized feet.  What did we make all these for?  We sent them to Mexico to missionaries who can use them to open doors to share the good news of Jesus or for anyone in their own church family with cold toes.


jugglingpaynes said...

Those are so nice! Where did you get the pattern? I forget if you've mentioned it before on your blog.

Peace and Laughter,

~*~The Family~*~ said...

The pattern is by Timber Lane Press out of Hayden Lake Idaho and it is called Bonza Booties. I thought it was expensive when I got it, it was $8.00 but that was many years ago, but have used it so much. We wear them so much we have worn several pairs of them out, I have given many as gifts and people come back and ask for more of them and people I have given them to have asked me to make them so that they can give them as gifts. The pattern is simple, from the start of cutting the fabric until having a pair of booties in hand is only about a half an hour.