Friday, September 20, 2013

Pinterest Busters - Cut Glass With String and Fingernail Polish Remover

 If you want to get boys excited, start something on fire - inside the house.  The next Pinterest Buster was to cut glass with a string and fingernail polish remover. 

Glass bottles are need for this and if you don't regularly have glass bottles you need to go and buy some.  We got a Starbucks ice coffee, a couple Snapples and a six pack of green, San Pellegrino water bottles.  Next you need to convince the lady at the check out that she can bag them because you aren't going to drink them now, they are for an experiment.  Our checkout wanted to leave them out so bad that we ended up explaining the whole string/fingernail polish remover process to her while holding up the rest of the line.  I wonder if she went home and tried this?

Also needed are fingernail polish remover with acetone, ice, matches, yarn and a non plastic dish.

Drink whatever was in the bottles (we found out Dad is the only one of us who like Pellegrino, thanks for drinking all those Dad) and wash them out.

Fill half the sink with cold water and ice.

Cut a piece of yarn to wrap around the bottle a couple of times.  Wrap the string around where you want the bottle to be cut.

Carefully slide it off and soak it in the dish of fingernail polish remover.  Slide the yarn back on the bottle. 
On the other side of the sink, because you don't want to get excited and drop the bottle in your dining room, light the string on fire.  Let it burn and then.....
set it in the cold water.  Instantly, from the extreme temperature differences, it will break where the string was. 
This was ultra cool.  We were able to get the bottle to break but, not cleanly enough to make the bottles useable for glasses.  Almost all of the bottles also had a crack of varying degrees down the side of them.  We did try wrapping the string around the bottle less times and letting it burn for different lengths of time before putting them in the water but we still didn't get the perfect combination.  I think that with enough experimentation this will work.  If you do get a nice clean cut around the bottle the edges supposedly can be sanded to be smooth. 
Did we bust the pin?  No, it worked, and on top of that, it was exciting! 

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