Friday, December 20, 2013

Helmets Required Take On Mall Of America

Ever since last year when we toured the state capital and then Underwater World at Mall of America the boys have wanted to go back.  We set the date and didn't think there could be bad weather and awful roads but, that is what we had.  That didn't stop us though.  Did it take us three hours to get there?  Yes it did, but that is beside the point. 

Since this was a day for the boys we pretty much just followed them around to all the video game and other boy type stores.  Odd thing is, every store we went to, except for Lego Land, we can visit within 20 miles of our house.
Also lunch.  We dined at Johnny Rockets and, as far as I know, there is no other one anywhere near us.  They make a mean chocolate malt that lures us back to their restaurant every time we go to the mall.
Having never been in December, I was excited to to see the Christmas decorations  Gorgeous strings of long lights hanging from the ceiling, three story Christmas trees (that is the boys standing to the left of the tree) and gigantic bulbs adorned the hallways and the place was beautiful.

Dancer got her ear pierced.  I tried to steer her towards getting her belly button pierced, but she went for the ear.  Later she asked if I would really let her get her belly button pierced.  Yeah, there is a lot less chance of fatal infection.  I was going with practical sense, not fashion sense.

As she was getting her ear pierce the boys were being themselves outside the window behind her.

The lady doing her ear asked if Dancer knew those boys.  She actually admitted that she did!

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Unknown said...

I have always wanted to visit Mall of America. We live a little too far though. Have a Merry Christmas.