Friday, January 21, 2011

Better Than Deli Ham Spread Recipe

One of the snacks our family makes fairly often, especially in the winter, is ham spread.  The spread is good on crackers or a sandwich.  This spread is made from those odd 5 lb blocks of chopped ham in the grocery store.  We also make it with left over ham.  The block of chopped ham is cheaper, keeps a long time and you can just cut off the amount you need and rewrap it.  Packs of ham "ends and pieces" are another way to save money on the spread.

Chop the ham in to pieces about the size of dice,  pulse in the food processor until the size your family prefers but not so long it becomes a paste.  remove the ham to a bowl.  Add onion to the food processor, pulse and remove.  If your onion is strong or you add too much, you can get pink onion spread--trust me.  If you do just add more ham.

The spread in the picture has chopped sweet pickle relish mixed in.  Alternatively, you can chop up green or black olives or dill pickles.  Add mayonnaise to the other ingredients to get the consistency you like.  Serve on crackers, toast or on a sandwich (rye or pumpernickel is good).

When I was in high school I worked in a deli, we made the spread from just about expired bologna and other meats from the deli case.  I don't know if they still do it this way but, to this day, I can not eat deli ham spread. 

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