Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dutch Blitz

I picked this game up years ago on a free table at a homeschool book sale.  The date on the box was 1973 and the game was brand new.  I was excited because I had heard what a great game this was and that all homeschoolers just love it.

After looking at the directions, of this so called simple game, we couldn't figure out how to play it.  Back in the box it went and it sat on the game shelf in the basement.  I realized why it was offered brand new on a free table and one else picked it up, the prior owners couldn't figure it out either and everyone else must have known the same thing.

A couple of months ago the discussion of the mom's at the YMCA turned to games.  Remembering the box on shelf, I asked if anyone knew how to play this Dutch Blitz game.  One of the moms said yes, she played it all the time when she was in college.

I brought the game in the next week and she taught all of us how to play it.   It is so simple, sort of like double solitaire.  I think we just couldn't figure it out because it is a hard game to learn from written directions, it takes more of an oral approach to teaching it.

Dancer and I have played it almost daily since then.  Dancer is super good at it, it takes a quick hand and eye,  and I rarely win but the game is so fun it doesn't matter.  Pretty soon we will have the cards worn out and will have to actually buy a new game.

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