Friday, January 21, 2011

Bubble Skins

For Cristina of Home Spun Juggling

Blowing bubbles when the temps are way below zero makes them freeze almost instantly.

Some froze and stuck onto Dancer and her coat.  The others blew away over the top of the snow in the wind.  I wonder how far they will go.  Wouldn't it be unexpectedly odd to come across a bubble perched on the snow.  How do you think the person who saw it would try to explain this frozen bubble phenomenon?

In this picture, and the one on the top, you can see that they didn't all freeze bubble perfect round, some had flat sides.

This is one that collapsed in on itself and Spark said, "These look like bubble skins." 

To see what happens when a glass of hot water is thrown in the air at subzero temps, you can look at our post from a couple of years ago Winter Fireworks.


jugglingpaynes said...

Yay! Thanks for doing the experiment and writing it up for me!

Peace and Laughter!

Chele said...

I can't believe I'm actually wishing it were cold enough here for this to work, but I am. Very cool!