Monday, January 10, 2011

Class Clown

 When Nikki wants to play, she bring us her toys and pushes them at us.  When we don't respond to her, she pushes them at us harder and will finally just lay the dog spit covered toy on our leg.  But sometimes she just will not give up.  In those instances we put the toy up so we can get on with whatever we were doing.  As a side note, we do play with her a lot but Nikki would like play several hours a day which just isn't feasible. 

This morning, as Dancer was trying to get some school work done, Nikki comes with this pink, stuffed bone that she wants Dancer to throw for her.  To appease her for a few minutes Dancer holds the bone up and keeps on with her studying.  This tactic can usually buys a few extra minutes. 


As Dancer is reading, Nikki starts jumping up .....

and down......

and up and down and so on and so on.  To tell how high this is for her, she stands about 9 inches from the floor to the top of her head and as far up as she jumped along side the chair was about 43 inches.  Just think if she was a basketball player with a vertical jump like that!  She would have herself a NBA contract for sure.

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