Monday, January 31, 2011

Texas has nothing on us

Actually Texas probably doesn't have either of these things.

We have big sleds.  Spark got out the sled for the fish house this morning and was going down the drive way in it.  It goes fast compared to his "little" sleds.

We have big snow.  We have snow, snow and more snow.  Sixty inches so far this year was reported on the news tonight.  There was a few days of unexpected warm weather and rain or it would probably be piled up that high.  Today we got about five or six more inches and then it blew and whipped around.  Of course we can't be content just sitting in the house, we had to take a drive this morning and see how the roads were.  Thank goodness we know where the road is because you couldn't see it.  We got through though, just like the mail.

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