Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It Was So Wet in June...

How wet was it?

The wettest it has ever been since 1847!

Wet enough for this little crayfish to be able to crawl out of the creek, through the swamp and up to our patio - a long way from his home.

And when the rain came, it came.  We had one storm where our electricity went out.  After the electric company came and cut down a big portion of our tree down, the lights came back on.

A couple of the branches were charred, no good!  

Five truck loads of branches and lots of logs later we had most of it cleaned up.  The sun set before we were able to finish that night.  

Despite still having water coming in the basement from intense ground saturation and the driveway muddy, the garden, which is about 20 feet behind the house, is dry and we are watering it.  

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jugglingpaynes said...

I've heard of the crazy weather in your area. Stay safe. We had a somewhat dry June after the most confused spring. One of our trees is so stressed it's started to drop its leaves and we may need to remove it. :(

I hope you get some dry days so you can give your basement time to dry out!

Peace and Laughter!