Wednesday, December 3, 2014

White Bean, Spinach and Rosemary Soup

You need to like rosemary to like this soup.  

I made this on a day when I was making six other soups to freeze and so the amounts are not set in stone, just throw together these ingredients and everything will work out.  This soup froze beautifully.  In fact, if you didn't know it had been frozen, you would think it came straight from a pot that had been simmering for hours.

With a little oil, saute some onion, carrots and celery until they are soft.  Add some chicken broth and a can of white beans.  Add a few handfuls of spinach and about a teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves.  The leaves I roll in my one palm with my thumb of the other hand to make them powdered.  Cook until it is hot and it is ready to eat.  Of course, the longer it cooks, or let it sit in your fridge until the next day, the more the flavors will meld together.  

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