Sunday, January 11, 2015

Senior Pictures

Dancer needs a picture for the homeschool graduation program.  Since she only needs one we just took some at home instead of having an expensive photo shoot.  Besides, it makes sense that homeschool kids would have "home" senior pictures right?

These are some of her favorites.  It is hard to pick just one.

A fun but cold one.

The whole time we were battling the cats trying to photo bomb the pictures.  Most of the time they were trying to get Dancer to pick them up as she usually does when she is outside.

We even had Spark call them to the house, but when they figured out he didn't have a treat for them they were back.

We finally gave up and just let Pancake get in a couple pictures.  That seemed to make him happy and he did wander off after that.  

Honey Bear giving her a kiss.

She wanted a picture with Nora, but of course she wouldn't come over, just Honey Bear and Marcelline.

It was overcast today and she wants to try a couple more locations before picking the final one, but at least we got a start on this project.

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Swimflyaway said...

LOVE LOVE the photo with her holding the cat.