Friday, January 2, 2015

The start of the new year

Started off with a few traditions.  The first is watching Robin Hood.  What we use to watch a couple times a week when the kids were small has now been reduced to once a year.

Ice cream sundaes.  Reese's shell, chocolate topping and peanuts.  If you are going to eat ice cream you might as well make it good!

Nikki didn't make it to the new year.  Her big day of napping wore her out.

 Flipped back and forth between the new years ball drop and the movie Click.  Didn't want to miss any One Direction performances.

2015!!!  We can go to bed now right?  Nope, we partied on until 3:00.  Well, partied if you call watching t.v. and eating graham crackers and diet Coke a party.

Two dip recipes for new year's day snacking.

Jimmy Dean Dip

One pound of regular Jimmy Dean sausage browned.  Put in a pot and add one can Rotel and a package of cream cheese.  Heat until cream cheese is melted.

Ham Spread

Run ham through the food processor until minced, add onion and mayonaise.  Simple and also makes good sandwich spread.  Even Dancer, who doesn't eat ham, loves this.

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