Sunday, April 10, 2016

Handy Dandy Stick Holder

We have a lot of soft wood trees in our yard which means that we could be picking up sticks each and every day.  Since we can't burn them fast enough we pile them up by the bon fire area and break off some when we have a fire.  We have a lot of bon fires but the stick pile never really goes away or it doesn't go away for long.  As the summer goes on the grass grows up through it, it looks like heck and it is a good place for little vermin to call home.  To combat a wee bit of the pile, and have it ready for tinder when we make a fire, I made this stick holder in about three seconds.  The credit for this goes to pinterest but from what site I don't know.  To make it, you haul a cinder block to where you want your stick holder, put four boards in the block, two in each hole going differnet directions and pile on the sticks.  Done. Now I just need to make about eight more of these.

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