Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Retainer Finally

Dancer got her braces off six years ago and got retainers to wear.  About a year into wearing them I thought they looked pretty bad (aka gross), but every time we went in they said they were still okay and doing their job.  This spring at her yearly check up she got the same story.  About two weeks later they wore through and broke in half.  At last she got a new bottom retainer.  The top one isn't this clear plastic and will probably last until she is in the nursing home. 

When she went in to pick the new one up (which they just handed her, no bag or anything) she snapped a shot at the appointment log in screen.  She was so young, fifth grade here.

Finally a new retainer! The last one, which she had to wear so much the first year, lasted six years, so this one, that she only wears at night, might get her through 12 years. 

It is kinda odd that we are at the point where she send me pictures.  When we started I felt like the orthodonitist office was our second home we were there so much and now she goes to her appointments on her own. Time sure changes things..

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