Monday, June 13, 2016

Dancer goes to camp

Things changed this year when Dancer was getting ready to go to camp. When she was younger I use to help her get ready, make sure she had everything she needed and brought her to camp. This year she planned out her entire session she's teaching by herself, got all the supplies together, packed her dufflebag and loaded up her car. Only thing we did was take her out to lunch before she left at McDonalds.

Then she got in her car and drove off. This is the last year she can be a counselor, if she wants to go again she has to wait a year until she's 21 years old to be a chaperone. Spark will be a first year counselor this year, he goes on Wednesday and we will be bringing him. Dad is going to be the camp nurse for two of the days so we will see Dancer and Spark during the week or I would really be sad at Dancer's new independence.

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