Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's Day Bliss

Celebrated my 20th Mother's Day this year.  Wow.  Also celebrated my first Mother's Day without a mother. Wow.

Dancer worked on the actual Mother's Day so she and I celebrated a few days early.  Her gift to me, or should I say treat to me, was a pedicure.  I had never had a pedicure, I'm not one to like people, especially people I don't know, fussing over me.  Also the cost. Dancer and I paint each other's nails at home, so it seemed frivolous to pay someone to apply a little polish on something that spends most of the time in my socks.  But then I sat down in that massage chair and oh, my, goodness. Then the nice lady, who I held off telling her I loved her because it would seem odd, massaged my feet and legs and double oh, my, goodness. She did paint my toes a beautiful shade of purple, but I am counting that more of a souvenir of my time in the massage chair. Wonderful, I will be back. 

On Mother's Day my family gifted me with two gifts.  One was an extra battery for my phone. You can never have to much battery. My phone seems to use much more battery away from home than it does at home. Odd how that works.

My second gift was this metal rooster.  I love this bird, he is so well behaved! He doesn't get up early and crow outside my bedroom window looking for the cat food bucket. And he doesn't poop on the porch or deck. He is suppose to be a lawn ornament, but I think he is better suited for the living room. Besides, we have plenty of chickens outside roaming the lawn. 

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