Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Llama Show Must Go On

We had three days after our county fair to mow the lawn, wash the clothes and a few other tasks before heading out to the next fair.  Llamas are new to our county this year, only four kids, so we joined another county fair for our judging. 
Showmanship - keep smiling even if it feels your cheeks are going to crack.
Obstacles - fun for the audience - stressful for the kids.  
The kids in our county, even though we were at another fair our kids were judged by themselves - Dancer and Nora won a state fair trip!
Since we had to be there for four days, and the llamas could use some more time in the ring, we also competed in open class.  If you are only in the open class you only had to come one day, there were llamas coming out of the woodwork, I had no idea there were so many llama owners.  It did make for a very long show on metal bleachers - over five hours.  Here Dad is giving Spark some last minute advice. It must have worked, Spark and Marceline took fourth place and Dancer and Nora snagged third in their classes!
Those darn obstacles again. 
Although she has the look of, "there is no way I am going through there," she did.
 The final obstacle of tying the quick release knot and putting a towel on the back of your llama.  Whew!  We got the first shows done and now it is lots of intense training for Nora before the state fair and studying up on llama knowledge.   We also have a lot of sleep to catch up on!

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