Friday, February 7, 2014

Mystery Meal

A mystery meal is a meal where you order off the menu but all the foods are in riddle form.  We did this for lunch at our co-op and the kids said, "We should do this every month!"  Instead of thinking of our own riddles to go with food, for example, the Titanic's Demise would be ice cubes, we used one of several that can be found by doing a Google search.   

There were four courses to the meal, the kids filled out their choices and then the parents filled the orders.  I think this part was probably more fun than being a diner. 

Dancer wondering about her choices for this course.  Her plate had ham, ants on a log, gravy, a glass of water and a napkin.  Actually not to bad, the worse plate we had ordered was gravy, chocolate syrup, a tooth pick, a knife and a glass of water! 

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