Friday, June 20, 2014

25th Anniversary

Our 25th anniversary was a trip to Mall Of America and IKEA (yes, we are one of the few people left in the free world who haven't been there).

At the Disney store Spark tried out the prince castle.  He may be too tall to even rescue a princess properly.

Tried on Forest Gump's shoes.

Dancer checked out the Barbie car.

Spark modeled a Siberian hat that may be warm enough for our winters.

Fish from Long John Silvers - oh, yumminess in a basket!

Finally got my hands on one of those annoying monkeys.

Found these plastic animals most disturbing.  If you have rats in your barn larger than your llama, run like hell and lock the door behind you!

We found a few geocaches which always brings us to interesting parts of a city that we wouldn't otherwise visit.

We finished the day with burgers and malts at Fudruckers.  Now onto the next twenty five!