Sunday, June 1, 2014

Concrete Cleaner - Pinterest Busters

First step is to know that your concrete is dirty.  I thought that if the chicken hadn't left any bombs on the steps when company is coming it looked good.  Boy, was I wrong!  Lots people out there have the time, and the desire, to clean their concrete. 

The mixture we tried was 3 parts baking soda to 2 parts bleach made into a paste.  Spark scrubbed a spot on the steps, we poured water on it and......

sure thing, I am guilty of having dirty steps.  Really dirty steps.  So the pin worked right?

Next Spark scrubbed the spot next to the clean spot using only elbow grease and it looked about the same.  

Our verdict - this pin is BUSTED, the main ingredient in getting the steps clean was a good old fashioned scrub brush and a little effort.  Save the baking soda for cookies and the bleach for your laundry. 

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