Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Escape Goat

The smarter a goat is the more trouble they get into.  Jamal keeps us hopping on fence repair because if there is one little loose spot he is out of the fence and down to the swamp.  Every few days he finds a new way to escape the corral and often it takes us several days to see where he gets out because not only is he smart, he is sneaky.  We can watch and watch and watch him and as soon as we give up he slips out of  the corral.  

On this day he tangled with a burdock bush and in turn got his beard tangled.

Instead of trying to comb the burrs out Dancer just took the scissor and cut his beard off.  We teased  that without his beard he looked like a little kid goat and was no longer a manly man.  

Now Nico, he is a manly man.  

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