Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Llama Fiber Day

 We have the most awesome llama club ever with a leader who is full of energy to plan all these fabulous activity days for us.  For this event we were learning all about fiber and what to do with it.  Llama owner can be an odd bunch when it comes to fiber.  Most of us have bag after bag of raw fiber in our garages that we don't know what to do with.  So we either need to learn what to do with it or hook up with someone who does.

Using a drop spindle is something I have been wanting to learn how to do. The people who do it make it look so easy so why aren't we making skein after skein of beautiful llama yarn.  Well, because it really isn't easy.  

We finally did manage to make some yarn on our spindles.  It was thin and then then lumpy and then thick and so on.  The lady who taught the class, who made perfect usable yarn, applauded all our efforts anyway so we walked away thinking there might be hope for us yet.

Dad or Uncle Si?

Felting soap.  This was by far my favorite activity of the day and we have made several more out of our llamas fleece.  

Dancer in her non-aerobic spinning class.  Actually I think if you were able to get the wheel really going you could have a pretty good calf workout.  This proved to be as hard as the drop spindle.

Dancer felted Minnesota.  This has since died as it got let sitting out somewhere and the cats killed one night when we were sleeping.  They just go crazy over llama fiber.

The leader of our club has about 20 llamas and everyone grabbed one and took it for a walk.

Dad took out Diego. Diego likes to be the boss and do his own thing so Dad calls him Diablo. 

Spark took out this little cutie, Gracie.  

The kids also learned how to dye fiber and they made a batch of yellow and purple.  

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