Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meet Creamy and Creamy

This is Creamy, one of Spark's beloved rabbits.

And this is our other Creamy. After months of debating what he was going to be for Halloween, Spark decided to be his rabbit Creamy. He started out wanting to be Caesar, then a spider web, a hay bale, and I can't remember what all. In the eleventh hour, as I was getting ready to put together the Caesar costume, he quickly changed his mind to a rabbit. So on Sunday we went off to town to find a rabbit costume. Thankfully a rabbit costume pattern isn't hard to find. We went to pick out the fleece and there were about 10 different shades of brown and tan, who knew there would be such a selection, and he found the perfect shade for Creamy. This Creamy is made out of McCall's pattern 8953 and it went together like a charm. I didn't get a picture of it but it has a huge, puffy tail. Tomorrow night is the 4-H Halloween party and he is excited to wear it. Snow is in the forecast so he should be nice and toasty in his fleece bunny suit.

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