Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two innocent pumpkins.....

looked like this when they were plucked from the vine.

After the kids hacked at them with sharp objects for an hour they looked like this. The one the left is Spark's. He brought this to the pumpkin carving contest at the 4-H Halloween party tonight and won first place, I think because it is barfing. On the right is Dancer's, we think it looks great too. It is a pumpkin that is mad and crying. This year we were a little bit smarter about this pumpkin carving thing. First the kids drew out the designs they wanted on their pumpkins, and then we went looking for a pumpkin that would best fit that design.

This is the costume Dancer is wearing this year because she can't find the top to the scarecrow costume and we didn't know that until yesterday afternoon. I actually made it a few years ago, probably three, and last year she didn't want to wear it. She wore it for two Halloweens and for a role in a Christmas play at church so it has gotten a lot of use. When I made it, it was big enough to for her to wear a coat under it and it came down to the tips of her toes and just skimmed the ground. Now you can see that it is more tea length, about six inches off the ground, and she is only wearing a t-shirt and pants under it. The sleeves are a lot shorter too. She has really grown in three years! The thing about Halloween costumes where we live is that if they aren't really big there is about a 98% chance that you will be wearing your winter coat over them because it will be in the 30's or low 40's when trick or treating. Tonight we were in a garage so a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt was warm enough. If she chooses to trick or treat she will have to find a long sleeve something or another to wear under it or be a snow princess in a winter coat. A really cute thing about her costume tonight is that a little kindergarten girl was also a princess. When we got there she ran out to Dancer and said that her and Dancer were the same thing like that was the coolest thing ever. Then she wanted to sit next to Dancer because they were the same. Dancer said the little girl kept reaching out and touching her skirt all night. I still think of Dancer as being little and here little kids are looking up to her as a big kid.

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jugglingpaynes said...

At least you know what your weather will be like. I've had years where we had the kids wearing very thin material costumes and it was freezing, and then other years I've made or bought snuggly warm costumes and the weather was in the mid-70's! It's always tricky matching costume to weather. This must be how they keep getting away with three costumes each year.

Peace and Laughter,