Friday, October 30, 2009

The hot dog roast that wasn't

The plan for today was to get together with friends for an outside, cooked over a fire, hot dog roast. The weather did not cooperate with that plan, it was rain mixed with snow all day. As of yesterday evening the host knew that wasn't going to work so the plans changed to an indoor lunch and they called me while I was in town to let us know. Now that it was going to be inside we should really bring with something that would add to the lunch. My standby is Mandarin oranges which we always have cans and cans of because it is one of Spark's favorite foods.

Spark and I needed to go to the craft store while Dancer was at dance class to get more paint and brushes for upcoming projects. While there, we saw these Halloween goblets for just fifty cents each. They are a purple glass with spiders on them. The spiders have diamonds in their middles so to a kid they seemed quite spectacular. In each glass we put chocolate pudding, let it set and put a layer of vanilla pudding. It turned out to be the perfect dessert, easy to make, they kids were excited to keep their glass and everyone, it seems, loves pudding.

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Georgie K. Buttons said...

Awesome random craft store finds. Best thing ever.