Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Good To Be Loved

The kids took this picture today while I was out for a walk.  They are always telling me how Nikki stands at the window for the entire time I am gone.  Lucky for her I was only on walk today so that she only had to wait 45 minutes for me to get back home.  I usually walk down to the end of the side road to the stop sign and back.  The time that she can see me on the way back is about 7 minutes, during this time she run back and forth to the door barking.  If I am gone for a few hours she still stands and waits.  When we are all gone she has to stay in the kennel so I don't know what she does then. 

She does other possessive things too.  If we are out walking her around the yard she will only walk if I am holding her leash.  If she is sitting on another persons lap and I come and sit down, she gets up and comes over to my lap.   During dinner she sits at my leg and begs.  If someone else has a tidbit for her she will run over to get it and run back to my spot.  Dad always says that I am her alpha dog.  It is good to be loved even if it is by the dog.

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