Sunday, March 6, 2011

The never ending winter

We are on our fifth month of snow and it is getting so old, even the kids are starting to complain.  We had another good six inches today.  Dad said, "We were only suppose to get a light dusting, one inch at the most."  After I came in from shoveling so he could get out to go to work I said, "Well, that one inch brought some friends with it."   Baby goats are due in the beginning of April so it needs to warm up before then.

We have also had our share of sickness in the house.  Dancer is on her third horrible cold, she had about five days off since her last one and got another one this morning.  She has sat in the chair covered with a blanket all day, not caring if she watched t.v. or not.  She doesn't feel like eating and has a bit of a fever.  She just wanted to be hugged this afternoon, you know a 14 year old is sick when they do that, and I told her if she was a baby I would have sat and rocked her all day.

Dad, too, has been miserable for over a week.  He had to call in sick to work one day and one of his co-workers took pity on his and worked the last half of one of his shifts.  He went in tonight after sleeping most of the last day but he isn't even close to being 100%.  I feel so bad for him when he has to be up all night and feels horrible.  The hospital has a super strict sick leave policy, like one day every three months, and since he was already sick one day this week he didn't want to have to call in again.  Not the best from a patients stand point to have a sick nurse but that is how it goes I guess.  At some point there must have been a lot of abuse of the sick time system.

It hasn't been a very good year so far, it would be nice if we could get a do over like we did in games when we were kids.


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm sorry for all of your suffering. :o(
It makes me wonder about our society when even hospitals of all places don't honor the need for rest and healing when one is sick.

I hope the weather improves soon so that your goats can enter a warm world! May the days ahead bring spring and health for your family!

Peace and Laughter,

Swimtaxi said...

Hopefully spring will arrive soon for you.