Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Fashion in Minnesota

Foot wear is very important.  We recommend these attractive rubbers that slip on over your shoes.  More comfortable than heavy boots once it starts to get muddy out.  Sometimes these aren't tall enough and then you need to wear tall rubber barn boots.  They aren't as comfortable though because you can't put your shoes in them so the support of the tennis shoes is lost.  Makes for sore feet and back if you are out doing a lot of work for a long time. 

Also by March we are more than ready to shed the long pants and start donning shorts.  We have thick blood, a little bare leg skin doesn't phase us.  We will pull the pants out again in November.

Layers, layers, layers.  Four is usually a good number.  Here Dad is wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, wind shirt and quilted shirt jacket.

Lastly is head wear.  It's getting nice out so it is time for the baseball cap.  Pair it with a set of ear warmers and pull up your hood.  The hood is important because it covers the back of your neck.  Ear warmers really important because everyone here knows someone who has frozen their ears at least once.

Then when it starts getting a little warmer out you can do the look that Dancer is modeling here, country girl spring fashion is what we call it.  Boots, snow pants and work gloves.  If you are busy in the barn, a coat when temps are in the high 30's or 40's is too much. 

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