Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camp Switch

Dancer headed off to 4-H camp this morning.  We got to the bus three minutes late, one person was later than us, and everyone was already loaded on the bus.  4-H events are always late so we never thought we would be cutting it so close.  Spark's bus left half an hour late on Monday.  It was raining quite hard this morning so I suppose there was no parents wanting to stand around so the kids all just got right on the bus.

This afternoon the same bus brought Spark back - late.  We even showed up 20 minutes early in case they were early like in the morning. 

I was so happy to have him back home, it was a long three days without him.  He was full of fun stories of all that happened and he had a great time.  He brought home a duffle bag full of wet clothes and sand.  Even the clothes he didn't wear were wet and sandy.  The white socks he brought with came home black.  It rained half the time he was at camp so I was happy to see him in his flipflops even though they frown on that because I wouldn't have wanted to see his feet after spending two days in wet shoes.   Wet or not, he is all excited to go back next year already!

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