Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Nikki

Nikki turned four years old.  It seems like just yesterday she was just a puppy.  Actually is doesn't feel that way but isn't that what you are suppose to say on their birthdays?  We took her with geocaching for her special day.  She isn't hot in this picture she is just excited,  she pants almost the whole time we are in the car.  If we have been driving for a while she will lay and calm down but as soon as the car starts to slow she is up and panting again.  We have been taking her with us more lately and when she doesn't get to come with we can hear her howling in her kennel way out in the drive way as we are leaving. 

Sniffing new smells!  The world is such an exciting place!

When we came home Nikki was so exhausted she collapsed on the back of the couch.  We were snacking on some smoked almonds, Nikki's favorite treat, and she was too tired to come beg for one.  Dancer brought her a nut, it was her birthday after all.

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